Parts of a flooded amphitheatre in Catania

A poser! Insisting on showing us some hairy legs to make up for his shiny dome!

Volcano from far far away.                                                                 Volcano from not so far away.

Up the volcano we went. Shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, in this case it was also the longest route! Should have stuck to the road!

We raced up the volcano with these Americans. Very competitive stuff!

Just look at all that steam coming from Tonto's head. Just goes to show how much work it was to get up the hill!!

Some where up the volcano, next to some crater, bits of sulfur here and there, but not Aldrich quality!

Panoramic View

Shall we go up further? Or run down? Difficult choices. Or maybe I'm just thinking of rolling that lump of lava rock down the slope.

Faced with difficult decisions and a great deal of fatigue it was time to find a place to meditate. Lucky my pile of lava rock did not all fall down under my weight, but a great place to think about reaction mechanisms!

Night time in Catania.                                                                         Local Beer!