The view of the west bank of the Nile from the Sonesta Hotel.

The Sonesta Hotel (view from river)

Styliana working hard

The Boss working hard

More hard work! West bank in the background.

Sunset over the Nile

And if you can get up real early, you can take a balloon ride over the tombs!

Some Temples in Luxor

Lions at Karnak

Obelisk at Karnak

Columns at Karnak

This is not Vegas! The real deal...

Styliana trying to look tough!

A real tough guy! (trying not to look fat)

This Bambino wants to join the KRG team! Very determined he was too!

Styliana Mirallai goes shopping with the locals

Tourist market

A quite stroll along the river Nile.

Swimming pool at the Winter Palace

The Winter Palace

Styliana at the Winter Palace Garden.


More weird plants. I wonder, are these pods edible?

Styliana and the giant cactus plant....Scary!