FOUR HETEROCYCLIC CHEMISTS IN RABAT........Guess who they are! And no they are not the four men of the apocalypse!

Lighthouse in Rabat early in the morning

Rabat fisherman!

Green, its all green!

Back to the lighthouse with the Boss

Maria and the King of  Morocco!!

Maria thinking about Marine Natural Products

Boss thinking about Marine Food in Paris on our return (very nice!).

I tell you this kid just fell out of the sky!

A pillar amongst pillars? NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

Tea with Fawaz..... Rabat Style!

Indoor market in Rabat.....Thinking of diner!

The look on this guys face is fantastic, but I guess anyone who had to dress up like that and stand around all day having his picture taken would pull faces just for laughs.

More Rabat Coastline! If your a good swimmer and head out early you should reach Florida in time for the FLOHET meeting!

Maria at the Palace, but they won't let her in! I wonder why?

Rabat market at night. Chap in front is making popcorn in a copper kettle over an open fire! I guess he's never heard of a microwave!

They like their Mint tea with Sugar in Rabat!

Outside the Palace, and they still won't let us in!

Hotel window view in Paris.

Oysters for Maria...Not a bad reward for giving a good lecture!