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CHECK OUT "Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation" for details of funding opportunities

There are many opportunities to carry out exciting research in the KOUTENTIS RESEARCH GROUP. Undergraduates can join the group for their DIPLOMA work in the 4th year and get a taste what life is like at the graduate level. Alternatively there are graduate openings at the MSc and PhD level. The group carries out research over a wide variety of topics focusing on Organic Synthesis and the use of Organic Compounds for application in the areas of medicinal and material science. The group has expertise in heterocyclic synthesis and is well equiped to carry out almost any kind of synthesis. Please follow the following links to find out more about our research: DIPLOMATIKES & GRADUATE RESEARCH.

An outline of a typical graduate project funded "Ring Transformation of 1,2,3-Dithiazolimines into Bifunctional Indoles" by the CRPF (Grant No. ΤΕΧΝΟΛΟΓΙΑ/ΘΕΠΙΣ/0308(ΒΕ)/08] is found here.

The groups equipment includes:


DSC TA Q1000 with auto sampler and high pressure cell

TGA TA Q500 with HI- RES software

Princeton Applied Research Potentiostat/Galvanostat 263A

Princeton Applied Research 303A Static Mercury Drop Electrode

Princeton Applied Research Micro-cell K0264 Kit 

Shimadzu Q2010 GCMS with Direct Inlet Probe 

Shimidazu FTIR-NIR Prestige-21 with Pike Miracle Ge ATR Accessory

CEM Discover Microwave Reactor

Perkin-Elmer Lambda-25 UV/vis Spectrophotometer

PolyTherm-A, Wagner & Munz, Koefler- Hotstage Microscope

Quartz Photochemical Reactor

Parr Shaker Hydrogenator

Parr Hasteloy Bomb Reactor

Buchi Kugerohl Distillation Oven


The Group wishes to thank The State General Laboratory, The Agricultural Research Institute, The Ministry of Agriculture and others for very generous donations of chemicals and glassware to the Department of Chemistry. Furthermore thanks to the ACS project Bookshare scheme for the generous donation of books and periodicals.