The group consists of home grown talent. Each member works on a separate project. The group holds weekly group meetings Wednesday 13.30 h (room B128) where one lucky member gets to discuss topical chemistry, solve mechanistic problems or better still discuss progress of their research. The group meetings are open to all members of the Department.

Weekly Productivity Table (WPT)

In an effort to improve performance the Group will now keep track of weekly statistics which can be used to assess performance. This data will be available openly on the web so each member of the Group can bench mark their progress. New Statistics will appear each week and hopefully the Group will see an increased performance over the next several months.

Download the WPT table for completion and electronic submission (Monday Morning) from the following Link: WPT FORM




Some interesting details about the group:

Irene Christophorou  (PhD Candidate 2002-????, on target) FUNDED BY CRPF (TEXNO/0603/18) who is working towards a PhD degree on the chemistry of isothiazoles. Irene was the groups first graduate student and has already two full papers published, one of which was from her undergraduate Diploma Thesis. Irenes latest paper was amongst the top 10 most accesed articles on the RSC web site for OBC in the month of August.

Christos Kizas (PhD Candidate 2005-????) FUNDED BY CRPF (ENISX/0504/08) who is working on the chemistry of 1,2,6-thiadiazin-4-one and its incorporation into oligomeric and polymeric systems. These compounds could be promising new materials for organoelectronics. 

Charis Krasos (PhD Candidate 2004-????) FUNDED BY UCY MEDIUM SIZED GRANT 

Sofia Michailidou (PhD Candidate 2004-????) FUNDED BY CRPF (ENISX/0504/07) was awarded a distinction from the CRPF (ΙΠΕ) for her work during her undergraduate Diploma Thesis (PROFIT)

Ioannou Theothosia (PhD Candidate 2004-????) FUNDED BY CRPF (TEXNO/0104/04) who is working on the  design (computational), synthesis and characterisation of new organic magnets based on heteroatom rich polyacenes. 

Georgos Avraamides (MSc Candidate 1887-2005, CONGRATULATIONS  GEORGE is the 1st to graduate !!!!) who is working towards an MSc degree at the University of Surrey and has chosen to carry out his research here in Cyprus on tetraazapentacenes as novel low-band gap materials. George is a talented cartoonist and regularly decorates the laboratory with his humorous chemistry sketches. Message to George: Save the world: Stop smoking NOW !






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